Payout - design for payment institution app and web payment gateaway

Payout is a certified payment institution created to fulfil the highest expectations of all e-commerce clients.


My role was to design an user interface for iOS application and web payment gateway.

iOS application
The scope of this project was defined as pilot version of an application for iOS platform.
Part of the objective was also to define style (iconography, colour palette, typography) in which the next development will continue.
The mobile application is accompanying services provided with web API, allowing user - a merchant - to check balance account and individual transactions on the go.

Payout's light mode.
List of transactions - dark mode version.
Detail of data visualisation.

Payment gateway
The other part of the assignment was to design a payment gateaway which would be deployed at the merchant's web service in order to process payments.
The gateway needs to cover different ways of payments such as - debit/credit card payment, bank wire payment, online payment for selected banks, and at last should provide option for paying by Google and Apple pay.

When selecting bankwire transfer user should be offered from the palette of the various bank accounts so that the payment is immediate.

The requirements for visual design were to be simple enough so it's easily customizable for the merchant's primary colors. The payment gate needs to work on both desktop and mobile web scenarios, as an modal dialog, individual webpage, embeded element and also accomodate both color profiles - light and dark mode.

Design of payment gateway which displays as a individual webpage after redirect.
Detail of bank wire transfer - optimisation for quick copying IBAN and Variable symbol.